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It goes down deep into places where the dragons live: in the realm of compilers and operating systems. Some of the information might be a bit dated, but if you are really interested in how compilers work and perhaps want to write your own, take a crack at this book. My co-workers? My first job? There is some extremely pragmatic advice in this book that will bestow upon you lessons that otherwise would take years or even decades to learn.

This book is all about being a professional programmer. This is a tough read. But swallow it if you can, because Bob Martin, the author of the book, is a veteran in the industry and has managed to stay relevant decade after decade of pumping out code. I really found this book helpful in shaping my career and making tough decisions.

This book was one of the main programming books that influenced me to treat my career in software development as a business rather than just something I did.

The book is full of all kinds of wisdom about how to increase your skills, maximize your time, keep your career and passion alive, and more. I highly recommend reading this book if you want to move beyond programming as just a job. The Mythical Man Month. They are inside this book. If you want a very practical programming book about complex software development projects, this is it.

This book is like a catalog of the most common problems that plague non-trivial software development projects, and the book has more than stood the test of time. Buckle your seat belt, this is a difficult read. The second time I read it, I sort of got it.

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This book will help you learn how to create a maintainable architecture that is based on domain modeling. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. It contains great information about how to design and build an enterprise application from start to finish. What I found most useful, though, were the many patterns contained in the book that are often seen in enterprise applications. This is a book I referenced all the time when I was building large enterprise applications for my job.

This is the absolute guide-book for implementing message bus or service bus architectures. If you are doing any kind of integration between applications or services using a bus, you will absolutely love this book. Refactoring to Patterns. It is one thing to read and learn about design patterns; it is another thing to implement them.

It is yet another thing to actually take existing code and refactor that code into design patterns. This is a programming book that teaches you—scratch that—shows you how to move existing code into patterns and even how to move it out of patterns. There is also a C version of this book. Yes, this is another Bob Martin book, and it is excellent.

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This book takes you through all the core tenets of Agile development without all the fluff. Not only that, but it also introduces the SOLID design principles that are fundamental to understanding how to write clean, maintainable code. This book was the book that convinced me to actually start doing pair programming. Agile Estimating and Planning. So many teams get this wrong. This book shows you how to do it correctly. The first time I read through this book, I realized that sound principles could be applied to estimation and planning on an Agile team.

Highly recommended for anyone working in an Agile environment. Another great Agile book that helps with a major trouble area: user stories. This book solves that problem. What I consider to be the classic Agile book. This programming book is an extremely prescriptive description of how to implement extreme programming, but the ideas in this book can be applied to many different kinds of Agile environments.

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Programming Pearls, Second Edition. The classic book of programming problems. Read this book and actually do all the exercises. This book is not only one of the top-selling programming books on Amazon, it is one of the top selling books on Amazon, period. And for good reason. The book is full of great interview advice and real programming problems that will not only help you pass a coding interview but also make you a better programmer overall. Go through the book and do the exercises.

If you can master the exercises in this book, it will be very difficult to stump you in a programming interview. Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition. This book is considered one of the best books on learning algorithms, and for good reason. It is a solid programming book for anyone interested in increasing their ability to write and understand algorithms, which is the core of writing code.

If you are going to read any book on algorithms, start with this one for sure. JavaScript: the Good Parts. This book might become outdated as JavaScript evolves, but for now, this book is essential. JavaScript is a language that was never designed for the use it is used for today.

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That means there are quite a few pitfalls in writing JavaScript code. This book has saved me on more than one occasion. If you are going to write JavaScript, you are going to want to read this book. Thinking in Java, Fourth Edition. This book not only teaches you how to start programming in Java, but it also teaches you how to teach a programming language. Even if you have no interest in Java, I recommend reading it. Effective Java, Second Edition.

Some of the recommendations are dated by the changes to the language, but overall, this is still a really good book. C In Depth, Third Edition. Do you know C? Do you really know C? If you read this book, you will. Before I read this book, I considered myself an expert in C. I would have given myself a After, I realized how far from the mark my original estimation of my knowledge was.

I love this book because it stretches you and makes you a more open-minded programmer. Hands-On Dependency Injection in Go takes a pragmatic approach and focuses heavily on the code, user experience, and how to achieve long-term benefits through incremental changes. A good resource for start Building Web Apps with Go. Free to read online. Another awesome book for learning Web Development in Golang. This book was written to teach how to develop web applications in Go for people who know a bit of Go and have basic information about web applications in general.

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We you will build a webapp without using a third party framework and using as few external libraries as possible. The advantage is that you'll learn a lot when you code without a framework. This book will take you through the most important aspects of designing, building, and deploying a web service utilizing idiomatic REST practices with a focus on speed, security, and flexibility.

You will look at designing and building your application including popular design structures like Model-View-Controller. You will also understand methods for deploying code to staging and development. Finally, you will see how the security features in Go can be used for protection against SQL injection, and sensitive data compromise.

This book gives you all you need to use Go in your web applications. Go Web Programming teaches you how to build web applications in Go using modern design principles. You'll work through numerous examples that introduce core concepts like processing requests and sending responses, template engines, and data persistence.

You'll also dive into more advanced topics, such as concurrency, web application testing and deployment both to barebones servers and PaaS providers. Today, companies and developers need to respond to changing markets at breakneck speeds. Organizations that aren't built on highly-available, rapidly-evolving software are going the way of the dinosaurs. Cloud Native Go brings together the knowledge developers need to build massive-scale cloud applications that meet the insatiable demands of today's customers and markets.

Web Development with Go was written to teach both beginners and experts how to create and deploy a real web application.