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If compared to the others. Buy now!! L3: Novice. Low quality, urlhasbeenblocked used to give me items to review for free. They stopped doing it because I would right real reviews about how it broke or didn't work. That was about a year ago and I only have one urlhasbeenblocked item selfie stick that still works out of 9 Bluetooth headphone and speaker sets. Quote from iRenaissanceMan :. L1: Learner. I've had the urlhasbeenblocked Wolverine headphones exactly like the non-earhook model in this deal for about a year.

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The headphones have been flawless as far as connectivity and battery life. The sound quality is not as high as Apple wired headphones, but it's acceptable. Quote from saltinekracka20 :. Booty Doctor. For this price the sound is acceptable, but I find urlhasbeenblocked earbuds extremely uncomfortable.

They fall out of my ears constantly and I can never achieve a good fit with the included earbuds. Ended up returning them and getting a pair of cheap Mee Electronics ones with the moldable wire. They don't sound any better but at least there are more earbud options.

L8: Grand Teacher. I have these and love them! I have actually bought a few urlhasbeenblocked Bluetooth headphones over the years and this particular model I wear while I do my dreaded stationary bike riding for my post-op rehab. I have small ears yet there are a lot of sizes in the package and with the right fit they stay in my ears while exercising.

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  • I much prefer wireless headphones - I used to have an expensive pair of Beats and I used to snag the long cable, eventually breaking them by stepping on them. It's incredible using these headphones, while watching my TV shows on my laptop. All sorts of sound effects such as birds chirping I never hear on my TV speakers, come through crystal clear on these urlhasbeenblocked BT ones. L2: Beginner. Better than high prices beats 2 I had earlier. I wear it while running and the sound is crisp and clear. I use these more with the Samsung Note 3 running Tune-in Player. L Grand Master.

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    Quote from myact :. The Wolverine features a sweatproof sport design, an inline volume control with microphone so you can talk hands-free and various loops and ear tips to help you get the best fit.

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    I tested these a while back and thought the earbuds sounded great -- for the price, anyway. I especially liked the option of pairing them with two different devices, because we don't always hit the gym at the same time.

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    • Thus, Mrs. Cheapskate can take these when I'm not using them, and vice-versa. It's also a good option if you own, say, a personal phone and a work phone.

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      One thing I should mention is that if you're not accustomed to in-ear headphones -- which these are -- you might find them awkward at first. To get really good sound and noise isolation , you need to push them in far enough that they create a seal. The only time I don't like that is when I'm running, because the impact becomes too loud in my ears. I like Mpow's stuff, as you may have gathered since Tuesday's deal was also an Mpow product.

      And I love the month warranty that backs it. If you get a bum unit which, let's face it, can happen at this price , you get a replacement. Bonus deal: I never gave much thought to Web hosting -- until I needed to host a Web site. Then I realized I didn't know beans about squat. If you're in a similar predicament, head to TradePub, where you can score Wiley's "Web Hosting for Dummies" ebook for free when you provide some personal that is, business information.