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That provides a lip at the front that makes it easier to open. And, when the device is open, the rear section of the screen extends downwards, which elevates the back half of the machine. This pitches the keyboard forward a little, improving the typing position. It's smart, satisfying design, and the Vaio continues to impress. Most of the base and lid are made from carbon-fibre, with aluminium used for the wrist-rest. The reliance on carbon-fibre means that the Vaio only tips the scales at 1.

That weight is impressive, even when compared to more established rivals. The Dell XPS 13 comes in at 1. The Vaio's tiny weight means it feels disarmingly light — almost like it's hollow, and that it would be easy to break. However, hands-on testing reveals robust build quality. There's hardly any give in the carbon-fibre and aluminium base.

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The screen flexes a little, but that's to be expected, and the material never feels flimsy. We'd still store the Vaio in a sleeve when taking it out of the house, but we'd do that for any expensive, lightweight laptop — if only to preserve the finish. But we have no concerns about the SX14 being strong enough to survive life on the road. The Vaio is a slim laptop, which means the inevitable chiclet keyboard. It has a reasonable amount of travel considering the dimensions, and the buttons are light, fast and consistent.

Those attributes make for a satisfying typing experience, and we certainly had no problems getting up to speed. You can get used to most keyboards after a while. We prefer them both to the Huawei Matebook, which feels a little clunkier. The Vaio's keys are certainly large enough, and their secondary functions are illustrated clearly. However, the keyboard does have inconsistencies. The return-key is an awkward single-height button, and there's no numberpad.

The cursor keys are small, and the backlight can't be manually turned on or off, which is unusual. The trackpad is inconsistent. Its surface is responsive and has full gesture support, but it's tiny — far smaller than the pads on rival machines. That makes it tricky to use, especially with gestures. The two discreet buttons are light and easy to use, but they take further space away from the trackpad — and they're just not as slick as the built-in buttons included on other machines.

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The trackpad is usable, but its tiny size means that it's not quite as intuitive as the hardware on other devices. Happily, both versions of the screen have a matte finish. They're 14in in size, as the model name suggests. Our sample comes with the p screen, which is ample for most work — you're only going to need the increased resolution if you want to play 4K media or need extra real estate for multiple windows.

The former result means that the screen remains punchy and visible outdoors and under bright lights, and the latter figure ensures darker areas have good levels of depth. Those initial results create a contrast ratio of 1, The temperature of 6,K and the Delta E of 2. They preclude the SX14 from being used for colour-sensitive work. The sRGB coverage of This screen might not be good enough for professional work, but it has no major flaws. Two different SX14 specifications are available in the UK. The model we've reviewed is the beefier of the two. It deploys a Core iU processor, which is a low-power model that uses Intel's Whiskey Lake architecture.

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It's got four cores with Hyper-Threading, which bodes well for day-to-day work and multi-tasking, but its low-power designation means that it doesn't have the grunt to do anything more demanding. It runs at 1. Similarly, Sony laptops are also one of the best laptops one can get for their home, office or college use. They are known for their mammoth battery capacity, excellent storage capability, unparalleled music system and extra-special visual features.

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They serve well in their own functions.

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