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My idealized corner geometry is very simple:. Several earthen berms were constructed to prevent bikes from going down steep drop-offs. Many of the pull-offs were paved.

Some additional warning signs were installed. Contrary to rumors there are no plans to install speed bumps. TN last repaved the Dragon in June of NOTE: In the winter months traffic is extremely light, probably less than 50 vehicles a day.

Back of the Dragon beckons thrill seekers

This means the other months have days much busier than the ADDT shown above. The Tennessee figures do not count the traffic coming into the Dragon from North Carolina that turns around and heads back into North Carolina. Prior to the speed limit in both Tennessee and North Carolina was 55 mph. In the speed limit on the Tennessee side was lowered to 40 mph.

Riding The Dragon

In the speed limit was lowered to 30 mph, which is still in effect today. The North Carolina portion of the Dragon was lowered to 30 mph in early You will hear a lot about the fastest times on the Dragon. The original unofficial timing involved a run from the Overlook to the Crossroads of Time and then back, an The round trip time was then divided by two.

The Deals Gap Riding Society record for an amateur rider was a 22 minute round trip run, which averaged out to 11 minutes one way The overall record was 18 minutes, or 9 minutes one-way 62 mph average. In order to compete for a new record one had to make the run along with the current record holder. These records were set back in the early s when there was little traffic on the Dragon. Stark Love , a silent film, was shot in Graham County and the surrounding area in Considered a classic film because of its realism, the movie portrayed the mountain people as slothful and backwards.

The last copy of the movie was thought to have burned in a fire at Paramount Studios, but a copy was found in The story line features a mountain family whose son escapes to the big city for an education. When he returns to marry his girlfriend he finds that his widowed father has taken her hand.

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Then conflict between the father and son ensues. The first feature film made on US was Thunder Road. This Robert Mitchum film about backwoods moonshining actually had scenes filmed on the Dragon. One location that we can identify is at the power line easement at about mile 4. A number of the posts still remain.

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Many town scenes were filmed in Asheville. The cult classic movie Two-Lane Blacktop was partially filmed on the Dragon.

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  • No more trucks! Tail of the Dragon, America’s best drive, just got better.
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There are scenes of the state line sign, some of the curves, and the original single lane bridge at Tapoco Dam. There are also scenes along on the Little Tennessee River. We were amazed to see the original Crafton's Motel, Restaurant and Esso gas station in the film too.

It is now commonly known as Fugitive Dam. First timers should be cautious.. I MHO.. Speeding on a motorcycle should be done only in an appropriate venue by experienced motorcyclists who know their own and their bike's limitations. The rider should ask himself..

Is it worth it? To some of us the answer is.. Remember your actions affect not only you, the rider but also your friends, family, ex-wives and their lawyers. And so it is written.. The wordage below is an accumulation of proven helpful tips contributed by a vast group of experienced and seasoned riders who have ridden the Dragon.

Ride The Tail Of The Dragon

Some are obvious My hope is that after perusing these tips, at the very least, you'll be a safer, more informed Dragon fighter. Feel free to print this list out and share with as many people as you wish T hanks to all my riding brethren for the insightful contributions.. If you want to contribute something new, send your tip to pirate acelink. Note for the simple minded: Jerry a. Speeding is wrong and we do not endorse or promote any illegal activities..

Always check your tire pressure before a run on the Dragon. It will never be as important as here. Wear FULL protective gear..

Stay in YOUR lane. Yes, you might shave a hair off your time by "cross-laning", but keep this in mind If you are drifting across lanes and there happens to be another rider coming the opposite direction, as soon as he sees you in HIS lane.. His life is not worth your 1 second of shaved time.

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You could di e. If another rider is on your ass Do not take it personal. You getting passed will not appear in any newspaper or the next issue of MCN. As the Dragon is not a race track, there will be police. I find that they usually set up their radar traps on the few straights or at the bottom of the hill on the Tennessee side To avoid handfuls of tickets If you must speed..

I give this same advice for riding the Blue Ridge Pky. The main danger is the crazy ass drivers not giving enough care and attention to navigate the road correctly. Drivers here care not for the rules of the road, contributing to 13, deaths annually. Featuring sheer drops into the sea, winding roads and drivers with dangerous overtaking manoeuvres this wild snake of a highway is an unpredictable nightmare for the many freight trucks, buses and cars that pass it every day.

Good luck. With snow and ice to contend with in the winter months, those steep drops along the route do not seem as fun as the average adrenaline junkie may have at first thought. The road is 77km of 50 spectacular hairpin bends and stunning scenery. And watch out for those dodgy policemen after a bribe too.

The Nakuru Road stretch is notorious as a top spot for drink drivers, and combined with speeding, poor overtaking skills, and pedestrians wandering into the road this is one dangerous place to be. In one year people were killed on the highway alone. Also known as Haul Road, the James Dalton Highway is known for the high winds that blast in carrying small rocks to the isolated location.

This is the third most dangerous highway in the world stretching miles from Fairbanks to the North Slope of Alaska. A helicopter now patrols the road to try and stop it contributing to the 2, USA road deaths per year. The villagers cut the throughway out of the side of the mountain and now cars must pass slowly to avoid the steep drops, tunnel twists, turns and dips. With blind bends, narrow roads, mountain drops and every type of transport possible vying for space, the Taroko Gorge Road is one of the most dangerous in Taiwan. Heavy typhoons and seismic activity only add to the danger that contributes to 96, road deaths in Taiwan every year.

An ancient road that the government have tried to shut down to save the residents from themselves. The stretch is famous for its incredible views, and the 52 hand carved tunnels and crazy driving conditions. Definitely not helped by motorists rubbernecking at the beautiful scenery.

The 22 Deadliest Highways in the World

The narrow road means that if two cars need to pass the driver may have to reverse up to 3km to create enough space for both vehicles. The Trans-Siberian Highway conditions vary greatly from well-surfaced highway to a dirt track. There are more than 26, annual road deaths in Russia — the fifth most dangerous place for motorists in the world.