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We've been busy unpacking and photographing all the NEW "Stuff" that arrived! Scroll on down for today's featured new-comer! The one behind the counter is for bears you purchase from us that we know go directly from their shipping container into this food-safe, new-plastic-lined box that will contain Teddy Bears for the most severely immune-compromised patients.

All other still new and un-used Teddy Bears can go in the box in front of our House panels that define the end of our retail space! Caden's goal again this year is to collect enough of these holiday cheer-"bearing" stuffies to present every kid who is stuck in Loma Linda's Children's Hospital over Christmas with a special Bear Buddy long about Christmas Eve!

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These newly arrived First and Main Teddy Bears are specially priced specifically for donation to this fun project! We can send you an email invoice for whatever Teddy Bear s you choose to donate that you can pay through PayPal from your computer. PayPal accepts your credit card information to apply directly and only to your purchase without us even being able to access it and sends both you and us a receipt record of your transaction.

They are in store and ready to receive your donations as of Monday, October 21! We have two boxes so we can sequester bears from our First and Main shipment s directly from their plastic protectors inside their shipping cases into one of boxes to hold only the most pristine Teddy Bears, to avoid as much handling as possible for the most severely immune-compromised patients--remember ANY donations MUST be NEW and unused Teddy Bears because they are going to children who are ill!

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Yes, although the main intent of our October foray was indeed to check out fall color, most especially in the Eastern Sierras, we were "distracted" back to the Mojave National Preserve by the fortuitous? Of course we "had to" join a bunch of happy train-crazies lots of cars parked along the route, e. All in all a worthwhile "diversion"!

Look what UPS dropped off on Friday! Watch for pictures coming soon Many of these are delivered right to houses in these areas, but if you don't happen to receive one on your doorstep, never fear! We will just received a brand new stack of BOTH the Redlands AND the Highland issues in store, so pick one up when you visit and take advantage of all the cool deals inside!

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The more or less "flat" Crystal Ornaments have faceted acrylic pieces cut to either transmit like the transparent petal portions of the Sunflowers or reflect when mirror backed as in the case, for example, of the big acorn light prismatically, creating all sorts of blingy sparkle in direct light! The Kissing Krystal accented by an autumn-hued Great-horned? Owl is brand new this year, replacing the long-time previous version whose sparkly, fall-colored mistletoe was studded with only acorns; its giant clear faceted portion also transmits tiny rainbow spots when illuminated through and through!

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We love how unique and creative these new styles are for Autumn decorating--and are especially impressed with the new Fall Kissing Krystal! We situated our muchly reduced in size--every department store and hobby shop to gasoline minimart does "seasonal stuff" these days, so already "covered" by too many competitors--and our own suppliers have really cut back on holiday theme items! Seasonal Area between our Teddy Bear Collection and Dane's beautiful landscape photography that we did make a point to make room to display!

Teddy Bears and Sesame Street Characters were riding in those huge Gund boxes that just recently arrived!

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We just ordered almost all that are currently available--and here are the ones in stock now! We have refilled all those empty "leaves" on our "Tree" now again full of Audubon Birds with the authentic sound chips recorded by Cornell University! We also just filled in a bunch of gaps in our Forest Habitat with new pieces from Wild Republic! Here is a montage showing critters added from the most recent shipment!

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Those Jellyfish and that big blue Sperm Whale will eventually find themselves again "floating" among the waves--as soon as we can get a ladder in there to suspend them from the ceiling! Our Medical Area has become one of our most popular displays, so of course we have it at the new location! After you pass the smog test, we will send the results to the Loma Linda Department of Motor Vehicles DMV electronically, so you are ready to complete your vehicle registration form. The Bureau of Automotive Repair established performance standards and presents the STAR certification to smog stations that meet the highest of these standards.

Some vehicle registrations state that the vehicle e.

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