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Wolcott sat down with the Colorado Daily earlier this fall to talk cars and his love of speed. When did you start racing? You can't fit the rear peg on the bike anymore. Previous owner let the bike fall over on the left side. It happened in his garage.

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Left mirror has abrasion, along with a small scuff on the forward fairing, and a larger scuff and crack on the tail fairing. I relocated the rear seat lock cylinder to the side so its easier to use, but I had to cut the middle fairing as shown in pictures. The tank fell off the bike during the Rotrex install and hung by the fuel lines. Its shown in a picture below. FI light is always on.

When installing the Rotrex, I removed the secondary throttle blade motor entirely rather than just remove the butterflies.

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I still have it and it can be reinstalled to eliminate the light. Overall the bike is in very good shape and is very reliable.

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I have put about miles on it all over Florida and have never had any issues. It doesnt run hot or do anything weird.

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I still have everything that's been removed from the bike. These bikes are known for shitty brakes. This one does not have that problem. I can stop the bike very quickly with one finger ever since I put new calipers on it. I have the lower fairing, its just not on the bike right now. No test rides at all without full cash price in hand.

Forgot to add contact info. Great shape , just serviced at dealership. New BST carbon fiber wheels for sale. I've been collecting parts for the bike and have changed my mind. Not going to buy one now. They fit the XR Harley all years. New in the box, never mounted.

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I offer to get you some mental help for wanting to sell a VMAX for some boring ass cage. What kind of bike is it?

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Can you post some pic. I'm looking for a bike. Don't care if its used or not.

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Let me know. Sounds like this exactly what you need, Kenny. Great bike to learn on. Not to mention you should be able to read before you get on one of these bikes. Rigid diamond chassis frame rear tire. Stock length and weigh grams. With shipping cost over dollars sometime in the 90's if I remember right, make offer. Also have a new set of. Make offer. I have a few stands i need to sell I have 2 Pitbull rear stands that are brand new. One you have to have spools the other will work with or without spools.

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Gonna sell my bike take alittle time and let my wrist heal and then get a Crank, Rod and bearings Wiesco piston and rings. Cylinder was ported and then replated. It was his personal cylinder which he dyno'd and it made 4 more hp than a stocker. So it should make right at 50 rwhp. Cylinder head has been cut to correct the quench. For sale is my 06 GSXR Sitting how it is right now, it runs 9. Bike reads 14k miles, but has been aggressively geared since miles. I will try to list all the mods I am looking to sell the bike because I kinda wanna get back into cars.

I love the bike, I love going fast, but I can't rip it on the street, I don't have buddies to cruise with, and I feel I would like to do a custom car. Buy all three and give to your best friends that have everything for Xmas. Make offer, new never used!!!! Rods bolts could be used for other projects. Clean title, 2nd owner, never dropped, never taken to any kind of track, Full titanium exhaust system and PC3!! I just put new tires on it.

I just put RaceTech springs in the forks when I replaced the front seals. I will dig up a list of everything tonight. Located in San Diego, CA. Been completely rebuilt by Aircell Racing.

They came on my bike when I bought it I dont know anything about them so I figured I might as well sell them. The were held on by crappy plastic brackets. I made these billet alum. Bought this new for my kids, they rode it very little, setup inside for years.